Fund Services

Volaw has over 20 years of experience of acting as the administrator of collective investment funds. As of January 2013, investment funds administered by us held assets whose value exceeded US$25 billion.

The investment funds that we administer are generally specialist funds whose investors are principally institutional, expert and sophisticated investors. The funds include:

The funds that we administer include public funds (regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission under the Collective Investment Funds (Jersey) Law 1988) and private funds (with consents under the Control of Borrowing (Jersey) Order 1958).

We have established a specialist team that is dedicated to looking after the affairs of the investment funds that are under our administration. Our information technology systems allow us to maintain up-to-date and accurate statutory and accounting records of the funds in an efficient manner and to prepare reports on a regular or ad hoc basis. Our fund administration services include:

  • Receiving subscriptions for units and dealing with the issue of units to investors
  • Maintaining the statutory records and registers of the funds
  • Filing statutory returns with the JFSC
  • Keeping proper accounting records for the funds
  • Calculating the fund’s NAV on such dates as required
  • Preparing annual or other regular financial statements
  • Organising the audit of the fund’s financial statements
  • Preparing and distributing regular reports to investors.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach. Examples include establishing the first Jersey limited partnership to apply for and receive permits as a collective investment fund and the unique structures established to minimise US taxes on the real estate funds for Islamic investors.

For further information on establishing investment funds and on our administration services, please see our Fund Services Group brochure or contact either Trevor Norman or Ashley Le Feuvre.