Offshore Pension Plans

The global nature of international business has created demand for the provision of pension benefits administered offshore. Volaw is able to provide a full range of pension products, able to receive contributions from either the employer, employee or both.

Contributions will be held in a Jersey trust created for the purpose, which is exempt from all Jersey tax, and invested and administered by the trustees as part of a discernible separate fund held on behalf of the individual employee. Alternatively, an individual’s contributions may form part of an overall fund for the future benefit of a group of employees.

The collective experience of Volaw’s directors and staff during many years of service in the legal, accountancy, tax and banking sectors will be applied to the formation and registration of the pension trust. Thereafter, Volaw’s team will apply its collective expertise to the management and administration of the accumulating pension fund.

We have established a dedicated team of professionals who are able to help you with establishing and administering all such employee benefit arrangements. For further information, please contact Mark Healey, Simon Perchard  or Richard Fagan of Volaw.