Volaw Group is able to service international private and corporate clients who wish to benefit from organising their activities in Cyprus, particularly those located to the north and east of Cyprus.

Through Volaw Group companies based in Limasol, we can assist with the management and control of Cypriot registered companies, as well as offering advice regarding the statutory obligations for companies incorporated in Cyprus.

With more than 30 years’ experience in providing wealth structuring services to individuals, families and corporate clients, those with Cypriot structures may also benefit from the full range of fiduciary services provided by Volaw Group. We can create structures and manage financial affairs to cater for individual circumstances and wealth structuring requirements.

Cyprus is a member of the EU and has an extensive network of Double Tax Treaties with other jurisdictions. International clients benefit from Cyprus’ advantageous tax regime, with a 12.5% corporate tax rate on trading, 0% for non-resident companies and zero capital gains tax.

For further information about our Cypriot service offering, please contact director of Wealth Structuring Mark Healey.